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There's a new driving force in the battle against pet overpopulation: Arizona's new "pet-friendly" license plates are now available.
The Steve Correll Spay and Neuter Fund
Steve and Fiona We are forever grateful that Ms. Correll entrusted Spay and Neuter Solutions with this fund in memory of her husband Steve and their beloved cat, Fiona.
We took a lot of self-supported bicycle rides through Indian reservations in the southwest, like Kaibito, AZ on the Navajo Indian reservation, and always took the time to feed the reservation dogs. Whenever we stopped to take a break from riding, the reservation dogs would flock to Steve, somehow knowing they would get food and a kind word. Steve was like a magnet for animals. Cats and dogs were drawn to him. He was officially a cat person but cared about all animals. His cat Fiona was devoted to him, always wanting to be in his lap or sitting on his shoulders. Over the years, he took in and found permanent homes for many stray cats. He also sponsored many shelter animals which included a lynx and an arctic fox.
Our cat, Fiona was found on the doorstep of a friend's house on a cold, overcast morning in Carson City, Nevada in 1997. She was a just a kitten when she was found. She was a black, long haired cat with big yellow eyes that looked like headlights. In the winter, her coat would thicken, and she would grow a mane around her neck. The mane looked like what you would see on a lion.
She was affectionate from the time she was found until the day she died. She would purr when her nails were being clipped. She slept in the bed with us for all of her 19 years. She did not miss a night. She loved to cuddle and be scratched. She had an unbreakable bond with us and let us know she was forever grateful that we rescued her. She died in Tucson on 10/19/2016 at the age of nineteen.