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There's a new driving force in the battle against pet overpopulation: Arizona's new "pet-friendly" license plates are now available.
About Us
Charlie, Our Mascot
Meet Charlie, our mascot. He is a lover and takes his mascotly duties very seriously. He has taken over from our pro tem mascot Ripley in the winter of 2023, following the passing of our president’s dog, and previous mascot, Ginger.
Katie Powers, Founder & President
Born in Hungary, Katie has a B.A. in political science and economics. She sought citizenship to the U.S. in 1989, coming to this country with a black cocker spaniel named Anka and two teenagers: Orsi, who is now a graduate student in political science at the University of Arizona, and Sashi, who has a Ph.D. in computer science. Katie's involvement with animals began as a pet sitter in Baltimore for more than 10 years. After moving to Tucson in 1999, driving across the country with her 19-year-old cat Micky, she volunteered as a foster care provider. Her first foster babies were four puppies who chewed up her brand new bathroom, but she was not daunted. After many fosters, Katie decided she wanted to find a way to help animals even more, and so she founded Spay and Neuter Solutions. The mission of the organization became her mission of life. Katie serves as president and treasurer of the board. Her animal family includes Ginger; tortie cats Billy Moon and Princess; and semi-feral feline siblings Snowflake and Penguin.
Dot Jones, Consultant
Dot Jones, Past President of The Hermitage No Kill Cat Shelter, has been an active animal welfare volunteer for the past 27 years. After many years of fundraising and managing the care of over 500 felines at The Hermitage, she decided to spend her energies and talents addressing the root of the problem, which is pet overpopulation. She initiated and single handedly operated SNIP (Spay Neuter Intervention Project) as a model community based program targeting low income populations throughout Pima County. In 2 years, SNIP funded fixes for 2000 dogs and cats. At home she is the guardian and staff to an active crew of five: Oliver and Henry - orange tabbies, Sebastian - a Bombay, Pretty Boy - a handsome tuxedo and Miss Marple - a muted tabby/tortie. All of her cats are rescued and most are the result of student throw-always. In her work life Dot was a Special Education teacher and a consultant to non-profit organizations. She also developed and provided special programs for disabled teenagers and adults.
Ed Powers, Secretary of the Board
Ed is a retired professor, with masters' degrees in liberal arts, science and mechanical engineering. Originally from New Jersey, Ed met Katie in Hungary, while he was an exchange professor at the Technical University of Budapest. In addition to helping Katie start the organization, he has been involved with animals as a volunteer foster care provider for both dogs and cats. He adopted one of his fosters, a beautiful 5-year-old female tortoiseshell named Billy Moon, into the family. She is one of four cats Ed and Katie have adopted, and she runs the house. Ed serves as secretary of the board. In his free time, he enjoys the culinary art of gourmet cooking and baking, as well as reading and television.
Jackie DeGuise, Applications Manager
Spay and Neuter Solutions introducing Jackie DeGuise as our Applications Manager. Most of her career Jackie spent in areas of heavy manufacturing as a Business Unit Manager, Warehouse Manager, and Plant Manager in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. When she moved to Tucson she changed career fields and fulfill her long-held dream to work in animal welfare. After returning to school to study the veterinary technician field, she worked nights for four years as a Technician supporting the emergency-shift Veterinarians at Pima Pet Clinic. In early 2009, after volunteering for the Humane Society of Southern Arizona for 6 years fostering kittens, and leading volunteer training in cat care and foster care, she joined the staff at their Spay & Neuter Clinic as the Manager and later the Associate Director. Joining the staff at Spay & Neuter Solutions will allow Jackie to stay actively involved in the mission of spaying and neutering companion animals.
Sashi Lazar, Webmaster
Sashi Lazar was born in Budapest, Hungary. He moved to the United States with his family in the late 1980s. He has attended the University of Maryland Baltimore County where his dissertation research on network management and intrusion detection was sponsored by Sun Microsystems and IBM. After finishing his Ph.D. in "Enterprise Network Management Using Intelligent Mobile Agents", Dr. Lazar joined Corvis Corporation, where he took a senior architect role in designing and implementing an intelligent management system for long-haul all-optical networks. He was instrumental in the development of optical switching and routing algorithms for the world's first all optical router in early 2000. He is currently the Webmaster and Technical Point of Contact for Spay And Neuter Solutions.
Tax Returns*
As a non-profit organization we rely solely on your generosity and donations. We feel that you, who make it possible for us to help others, have the right to know how we spend your donations. Therefore we publish our federal tax returns:
The copy of the returns are stored in Portable Document Format (PDF), and can be viewed with any PDF-compatible reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.
* Our fiscal year is from July 1st to June 30th. Therefore our tax returns are not posted until the forms have been completed for the particular fiscal period.