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There's a new driving force in the battle against pet overpopulation: Arizona's new "pet-friendly" license plates are now available.
Free Spay and Neuter Surgeries on Jan 11, 2008
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Jan 11, 2008 Free Spay and Neuter Surgeries
  To start the New Year right, we will finance free spay and neuter surgeries for up to 100 domestic and feral male cats on Friday, January 11th under our FREE FIX FOR FELIX program.

Surgeries will be performed at Eastside Pet Clinic at:

7036 E. Broadway, Suite 100
S.W. Corner of Broadway and Kolb behind the Gaslight Theater.

Reduced price vaccinations available at the time of operation.

Appointment required, please call the clinic after the 7th of January at 520-731-1714.

Every cat has to be in a separate, hard carrier. Feral cats trapped in a humane trap will need to be moved into a hard carrier after the operation. Please display the owner's name and the cat's name on top of each carrier. There is no limit per households.