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There's a new driving force in the battle against pet overpopulation: Arizona's new "pet-friendly" license plates are now available.
VOTE FOR US on Sep 6, 2012
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Sep 6, 2012 VOTE FOR US


If you are a member of Chase Bank, vote for Spay and Neuter Solutions in the 2012 Chase Community Giving Program.

Out of thousands of charities across the nation, our community chose Spay and Neuter Solutions to be part of the 2012 Chase Community Giving Program; 196 charities will share five million dollars, based on the number of votes received by each charity.  Voting starts on September 6th and ends on September 19th.

Please visit to log in to your Chase account and see the Program Rules.

This award from Chase Bank  would mean a lot to us:  we can spay and neuter more animals so fewer would end up on the streets in the shelters or be victims of animal cruelty.

Please encourage your friends, relatives and coworkers who are Chase account holders to vote for us!